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Trinty Eclipse Records, providing a unique online pre mastering service.
About Trinity Eclipse Records

An independent record label arising out of the times and into the future, specialising in digital releases. Times are changing on the battlefield within the independent music industry, for independent artist, bands, singer songwriters and groups alike.

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At Trinity Eclipse Records we're here to help the emerging independent artist, groups, bands and songwriters on their music inspired journey.  A newly founded independent record label with a difference, who has a motto with the vision, "Where the sun always rises above the water".

Although we'll NOT be accepting any more music submissions for label consideration until summer 2019, we are still offering various valuable services.  So no matter where you're based in the world, we can assist you.

At Trinity Eclipse Records, we're an Independent Record Label based in the UK
Our satellites of talent spotting will be continously trawling and monitoring through artists, bands and groups who use and subscribe to our services and register on our website. Any artist picked up by our radar will be caught in our net, reeled in and listened to in greater depth, with the added benefit of being offered a boarding pass to our label in the future.

Based in the United Kingdom,Trinity Eclipse Records is an independent record label located within the radius of a heart that beats and rhymes upon success, hard work and grit. Long gone are the times where the path to approaching a major record label or Independent record label for that matter, is an easy ride. Then you have the spiralling cost of putting your material together, before the promotion work even begins. Although based in the UK we'll be working with both national and international artists, groups or bands and singer songwriters on a worldwide scale. We will be promoting any artist we sign on an international level across the networks. Using our contacts and services, we'll assist in obtaining licensing and synchronising deals, also source venues to book gigs/shows (where applicable and appropriate).

Important Notice - We are NOT currently accepting anymore external music submissions for label consideration UNTIL summer 2019. As we continue to implement our focus and strategy, building our brand and platform within the circles of the music empire.

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Disclaimer :- Trinity Eclipse Records can not be held responsible to any third party claims to music, songs or lyrics that are played or streamed on this platform/website.

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