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Artists Benefits

Trinity Eclipse Records , an Independent Record Label, for the unsigned artists, bands, groups and singer songwriter alike.

Having a profile on our platform raises and enhances your exposure to Industry professionals who continously trawl through record labels. Remember, you have to be serious and willing to invest in YOURSELF before others even consider to invest in you. This is how and where times have changed and revolutionerised the way Independent Artists, Bands, Groups and Singer Songwriters advance in their goals and quest for recognition.

Jump On Board.... The benefts of having a profile on our platform and subscribing to our services are, but not limited to (terms apply):-

Be seen and discovered by industry professionals.

Exposure & Promotion to industry professionals.

Have yourself as an artist, band or group displayed on the platform of an Independent Record Label.

Submission to radio stations on an international basis for airplay consideration.

Licensing and synchronising deals sourced out.

Gig/Event promotions and bookings.

Online distribtution.

Retail shop and outlet submissions & promotion.

Registration for the UK, Irish, Canadian, US and Worldwide charts for qualifying artists, bands or singer sonwriters.

A Non-Exclusive Record Label Contract. Leaving you a hassle-free way to sign with another label, should you so wish.

Trinity Eclipse Records, a friendly, encouraging and comforting ear to listen to and aid direction.

Disclaimer :- Trinity Eclipse Records can not be held responsible to any third party claims to music, songs or lyrics that are played or streamed on this platform/website.

Copyright 2012 - 2019 © Trinity Eclipse Records. All rights reserved.

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