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Artist Services

Whether you're a solo artist, in a band or group, here is where to register yourself to be placed on our Artists Portal. For an annual fee equivalent to little over £1.50 a month.

Looking for that first come, first seen effect? As an artist, band or group, have yourself placed on our Homepage in rotation, with a maximum of 10 slots available. So you'll be introduced at the helm of the ship as people board and pass through.

Within your chosen genre, have yourself, band or group headlined at the top of the page for a whole week. So whosoever strolls onto your deck during that week will be greeted by you. As these are weekly slots, they may well get snapped up prompto. Should you order this service, we will email you with the date of commencement for your spotlight.

To have your band, group or solo artist registered under more than one genre. This is restricted to a maximum of 3 genre's.

As an independent record label we understand mastering services and the costings you face, be it with recording, mastering or mixing your tracks and songs, which is why we offer such services like our online S.R.F. A pre-mastering service geared towards the independent artist giving your basic recordings a facelift. Being an unsigned and independent artist, band or singer songwriter we're sure you're aware of the costings and investment now involved in getting your music to a level where others will listen to it.

Once you've selected and completed the ordering process, you will need to fill out the brief


Please note it is imperative that the Transaction ID Number issued by Paypal at completion of your order is placed within the required point on the form. All registrations without this ID number will be rendered void.

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