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New Signing "Celadon Candy"


Celadon Candy was originally conceived essentially as a side project in 2010 by Paul Allgood while on hiatus from his main band Wedlock. He and multi-instrumentalist Jason Bowden released one EP in autumn that same year before parting ways, while Allgood retained the name for future releases.

Taking a trip back to the future of 2016, Paul Allgood reformed Celadon Candy with Jorge Rangel. Their debut album "Celadonia", is due for release on 5th July 2016 through the UK Indie Label, Trinity Eclipse Records, who they have recently formed an international relationship with.

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Residing in Waterloo, ON, Can, Paul Allgood the vocalist in Celadon Candy, together with Jorge Rangel, fuse together music styles such as Electronica, Club, Dance, EDM & Drum n Base. The vocal tones of Paul Allgood is like an expanding universe orbitting around the thought-provoking elements of their songs. Drawing the listener into the sensitive but everyday topics of life. Each song track is fueled by music that expands with energy.

Celadon Candy.... Call them a group, band, artists or instrumentalists they have a unique and creative way of bringing the melodic and captivating tones of the 90's and encompassing them into the modern and futuristic styles of today. Their music, a flavour erupting with the new sounds Celadon Candy have produced with their release of "Celadonia".

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