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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy here at Trinity Eclipse Records is simple.

We will never share or divulge any information submitted to us by you to any third party whatsoever. Unless on the sole and strict purpose for obtaining licensing, synchronisation or distribution deals. As well as radio airplay and booking gigs/shows at relevant venues.

Also if any music industry personnel shows an interest in your songs as an independent artist, band, groups or singer songwriter, we will endeavour to contact you first, to obtain permission to release and provide any information requested from such personnel.

You agree and allow Trinity Eclipse Records to view, play amd stream any content provided by yourselves.

You agree and confirm that any material and information submitted by you, the artist, band, group or business, has the legal right, lease and representation to do so. And hereby grant Trinity Eclipse Records to use such material, content and information to the affect of providing the services outlined.

All information received by us is kept and treated with the upmost respect and privacy.

Disclaimer :- Trinity Eclipse Records can not be held responsible to any third party claims to music, songs or lyrics that are played or streamed on this platform/website.

Copyright 2012 - 2019 © Trinity Eclipse Records. All rights reserved.

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