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S.R.F Submission Guidelines

Our current turnaround time is 72 hours (3 working business days).

The guidelines are as follows :-

  1. Send us a complete full version of the song (MP3/Wav format)
  2. Send us a version with just the vocals (MP3/Wav format)
  3. Send us a version with just the instrumentals/backing track (MP3/Wav format).
  4. Please note for tracks containing harmonies or more than one vocal, contact us first for pricing information.

You may want to use a service such as Sendspace, as this will ensure all the files get through to our email server. Ideal for sending larger files.

We will then get to work on these. For under £10 you're really getting value for notes (as in song/investment) here. Now we don't promise to perform miracles, with some recordings that would be like saying we could get a blind person to see etc. But we do promise to do our best with what you send us.

If you're unable to send seperate files of your sound recording, no problem, send the complete song and we'll see what we can do for you.

Once we've completed your song/track, we will email you a clip of approx 30 seconds for you to listen to. If you're happy with the clip simply email us and let us know, then we'll send you the complete track. Should you not be satisfied, we'll make adjustments upto a max of 2 times. Failing subsequent satisfaction, we will return your unedited files and issue you with a full refund. That's our satisfaction guarantee. We can't be fairer than that, from an independent record label to an independent artist, band or group.

Online music/song adjustment at a price tailored towards the independent artist, group or singer songwriter.

We don't drain what is yours to gain.

Copyright 2012 © Trinity Eclipse Records. All rights reserved.

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