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About Trinity Eclipse Records

We're an independent record label arising out of the times and into the future. Times are changing on the battlefield within the independent music industry, for independent artist, bands, singer songwriters and groups alike.

We've geared our website platform to be as informative and clear as possible, so we've done away with mass amounts of images and flash content.

At Trinity Eclipse Records we're here to help emerging or amateur independent artist, groups, bands and songwriters in their fight and defence of their goals and aims. A newly founded independent record label with a difference, who has a motto with the vision, "Where the sun always rises above the water".

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Based in the West Midlands, United Kingdom, Trinity Eclipse Records is located within the radius of a heart that beats and rhymes upon success, hard work and grit. Long gone are the times where the path to approach a major record label or Independent record label for that matter, is an easy ride. Then you have the spiralling cost of putting your material together, before the promotion work even begins. Although based in the UK, our Artist Services are for both national and international artist, groups, bands and singer songwriters on a worldwide scale. We will be promoting any artist we sign on an international level across the networks, obtaining licensing and synchronising deals, expanding their fan base and booking gigs across the UK (gigs currently only applies to UK artists, bands and groups).

For artists, bands or Singer Songwriters not signed to our unique independent label, you can still greatly benefit from the Artist Services we provide. So if you take your music journey seriously and respect the investments others have to make, you can truly give your aims a leap up the ladder. We've set aside rates that are catered and suited to those on the strictest of budgets. Visit our Artist Services section now and found our how we can assist you.


Don't let your ship sail before it's ready to leave the docks, for there's many sharks and unseen rocks lurking in the waters belows and up ahead.

With that said we're sure you can appreiciate and respect our selection process for issuing boarding passes to our ship in order to sign and offer contracts to artist, bands, groups or singer songwriters to our independent label. We're on the lookout to sign primarily unsigned UK acts who produce and write their own material. Not only that but you'll need to present your uniqueness and out of the box uncommersialised talent, in a professional manner, thriving on integrity and voltage. At present we're seeking one act per genre, which will give us the scope and pace to professionally develop and work with each act.


Saying that, we will be continously trawling and monitoring through the artist, bands or groups that use any of our Artist Services. Any artist picked up by our sonar radar will be caught in our net, reeled in and added to our label. Have you got what it takes, to be the bait.

Please note, although we're interested in any genre whatsover, they need to be clean, fresh and entertaining. No abusive, intimidating or violent material please. Creativity wasn't born to be offensive. Lets inspire and entertain together.

So, have you invested a LITTLE of your time to explore the entirety of what Trinity Eclipse Records can do for you???

Visit our Artist Services page for more information.

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