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S.R.F - Sound Recording Facelift

As an independent record label, Trinity Eclipse Records understands mastering services and the costings you face. Be it with recording, mastering or mixing your tracks and songs, which is why we offer such services like our online S.R.F. A pre-mastering service geared towards the independent artist giving your basic home recordings a facelift.

Being an unsigned and independent artist, band or singer songwriter we're sure you're aware of the costings and investment now involved in getting your music to a level where others will listen to it. Times have evolved and changed.


Our online S.R.F music service is ideal for those basic home recordings, where artist or bands may use just their laptop, computer and basic equipment to record their tracks and songs. The whole mixing, sound level and mastering phases can be an expensive one.

Let us here at Trinity Eclipse Records, an Independent record label, take your basic recordings and give your songs a facelift using our S.R.F online music feature. Returning to you a higher quality sound and more balanced version of your song without the expense. This is ideal for home recordings from artists and songwriters who wish to enter the professional world of the music industry empire and present your songs and music to opportunities and professionals at an acceptable standard that's not daunting on the ear.



You're probably asking how much for such a service? Well we're providing this service at a truly affordable independent (unbelieveable) rate of under £10 per song/track.

We don't drain what is yours to gain. You simply have to invest in what YOU believe, you're song and music, not to mention career and future, is worth.

Mastering services play an important role, and from an independent record label view point, we also understand there are many independent artists out there who simply haven't got their recordings upto pre-mastering levels, which is where our online S.R.F feature can truly give your basic recording a cost effective lift in quality.

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